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Candle Holder

Candle Holder
The Spiked Candle Holder centre pieces are made of metal and glass and have a beautiful appearance. They create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere for your family and loved ones!..
Ksh 4,500
The overall shape is elegant and chic, the surface has a unique transparent shape pattern. Fashionable furnishings, can be used as a vase beautiful atmosphere, can also be used as a sugar jar to store candy and small objects...
Ksh 7,000
Distressed, decorative cage candle holders, EASY to go with any style of home interior decoration, This candleholder set is really a versatile decorative vintage cage piece. You can add them to any of your home space, ottaman, fireplace mantel, entryway, wall shelf... Or you can decor your wedding, ..
Ksh 3,800
This metal cylinder carries a multi-purpose nature—as a vase, as a décor candle holder, and as a tabletop exhibit. Set the scene and light some candles to create warmth and joy in your living space. Round shaped with coral pattern this candle holder can hold 1 candle each.  Set the scene and li..
Ksh 6,800
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