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The jewelry cabinet is designed and promotes easy access to makeup, jewelry, skin care, daily necessities in one stop. It is a sturdy and free standing mirror that has many unique features and cool design that allows for multiple purposes and functions. With the ability for the cabinet to hold up to..
Ksh 30,000
There are three storage areas, two 2-layer shoe storage, one additional drawer for storing socks, shoelaces, folding umbrellas and more. The 2-layer Organizer featuring one movable shelf inside to satisfy different storage needs. The cabinet top comes with a sponge removable cushion seat that can be..
Ksh 20,000
The Spiked Candle Holder centre pieces are made of metal and glass and have a beautiful appearance. They create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere for your family and loved ones!..
Ksh 4,500
If your shower is short on space for your bathroom essentials, and you find yourself leaving them on the shower floor, time to get yourself a shower caddy. Set it in the corner, where its legs elevate it from the shower floor or have it mounted on the wall and store all your bath essentials in this ..
Ksh 4,200
Feature:1. Space-saving, nail-free toothbrush holder, great bathroom aid.2. Contains toothbrush holder, small hook, water tray, 3 storage compartments and mouthwash cup with handle, aids in collecting items and keeps the bathroom clean.3. The inverted cup design can drain water quickly without depos..
Ksh 2,500
The overall shape is elegant and chic, the surface has a unique transparent shape pattern. Fashionable furnishings, can be used as a vase beautiful atmosphere, can also be used as a sugar jar to store candy and small objects...
Ksh 7,000
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